“I can only draw stick figures”

“I haven’t painted since school”

“My Art teacher said I’m no good”


Sound familiar? These are things that are said over and over to me when I tell people I teach art for a living. For most people, they are told from a young age that art is not for them or not worth pursuing as they will never make any money from it. But what they are forgetting is how much art can inspire and ignite creativity and joy.

From early caveman, what set us apart from other species was our ability to make. Making with our hands is primal. It is engrained into our DNA. Think back, to the last time you physically made something. How did that make you feel? Pretty good right?!

What I’m getting to here is that we are all made to create. We have eyes to see the canvas, we have hands and fingers to hold and guide our brushes. Some people are amazing painters and don’t even have that. Don’t even get me started on the guy that paints with his…ahh…you know. One thing that is probably holding you back is the knowledge. Just like everything we do, we have to learn it first. Learn how to walk, talk, read, learn how to count, how to multiply. The same could be said for learning how to add highlights and shadow to an image.

I truly believe that each and everyone of you has the ability to create a beautiful painting and enjoy the process of doing so. You just may not have found the right guidance yet.



Founder of Paint Chill Co

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