Meet Jessa

“Creating is an essential skill for our soul. It
helps us to find new insight, feel accomplished and

Jessamin (Jessa) Speed is an Australian born Artist living in the UK. She has a background in Graphic Design and has been teaching art lessons for more than 4 years within educational facilities and independently. Jessa’s teaching style is “to keep it simple”. Her goal is to break the stigma of the “pretentious artist” by showing everyone that you don’t need to use big words, dress a certain way or be “born an artist” to enjoy and experience art. 


“From a very young age I had constantly engaged in art projects with my Mum. She is an extremely talented artist who could look at an image and replicate it exactly to look like a photo. We dabbled in lots of different mediums together and little did I know, she was also “Art Therapising” me. When ever I was angry or upset I would be given a big scroll of paper and told to sit at the table and just draw. I remember being so angry one day that I was scribbling BIG ugly charcoal circles straight through the page, and afterward just feeling a sense of relief and calm. I didn’t realise then how creating had helped me but looking back it is oh so clear. 

As grew older I invited friends over and we would have art sessions together. Without even realising I would end up leading an art lesson while my friends asked questions and I taught them the simplest techniques for them to create what they were trying to achieve. I had assumed that my background in art was something everyone had grown up. But soon came to learn that I had an extensive artistic knowledge base that I could share with others. It brought my friends so much joy and they were so proud of what they achieved that I wanted to be able to help others achieve amazing paintings too. Since then, I have taught hundreds of events and honed my creative teachings to bring out the best in my students and also help them find the joy and relief in creating.”  


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